Housing Poilycarbonate (Standard), Vestamide (ATEX)
Switches Mechanical - Inductive and magnetic proximity switches - Slot sensors
Brands Zippy - Crouzet - P+F - ifm - Turck - Balluff
Enclosure IP67 according DIN EN 60529
easymatic Self-adjusting cams for CW or CCW rotating actuators
easymount Mounting in < 5 seconds, direct mounting on hole pattern 80x30mm
easyconnect Electric wiring < 2 Sekunden by industrial connector M12
easywire Solenoid connection in box for 1 or 2 coils (single or bistable valves)
easyled Optional LED-technology (red or green lighting of box)
easyoptic Cover for superfast closing (just rotate 15°)
Innovative technic

The easybox offer a lot of innovative technologies and advantages.

easymatic - Selbsteinstellende Betätiger

easywire - easyLED - easyoptic - easytask

Direct mouting without bracket on hole pattern 80x30mm and stem height 20mm


EASYBOX - Direktmontage Bohrbild 80x30mm Wellenhöhe 20mm



Bracket mounting on hole pattern 80(130)x30mm stem heights 20(30,40,50)mm


EASYBOX - Brückentmontage Bohrbild 80(130)x30mm und Wellenhöhen 20(30,40,50)mm

Material of standard and ATEX execution

The JEB - JAG EASY BOX is available in 2 different housing executions:

  • Polyamide PA6 (Standard)
  • Vestamide (ATEX)

EASYBOX - Werkstoffe


Peripherieübersicht PRO30DA

The ECOLINE execution is the most economic line of the easybox and includes:
  • Box with cable gland
  • Elektric wiring on terminal block inside box

easybox - ecoline mit Kabelverschraubung und Klemmleistenanschluss

The HIGHLINE execution is a operator-friendly line of the easybox and includes:
  • Box with M12 male connector on box side
  • Field attachable M12 female angled connector as part of standard equipment
  • Electric wiring throughout harmonized connector:
  •   Box must never be opened
  •   Big saving of time during service operation

EASYBOX - HIGHLINE mit M12 Flanschstecker und serienmäßiger Kabeldose

Proximity sensors V3 type

JEB - JAG EASY BOX is available with different switches V3 type. Brands P+F - ifm - Turck - Siemens - ...

P+F Endschalter - ifm Sensoren - Turck V3 Schalter

Inductive slot sensors

JEB - JAG EASY BOX is available with different induktive slot sensors. Brands P+F - ifm - Turck - Siemens - ...

P+F Schlitzinitiatoren - ifm Schlitzinitiatoren - Turck Schlitzinitiatoren