Body Aluminium (Standard), stainless steel (Option)
Enclosure IP65 (Standard), IP66 (Option), IP67 (Option) according DIN EN 60529
Coils For safe area (Standard), ATEX (Option) Ex m, Ex d, Ex na, Ex ia
Function 3/2-5/2 in one only valve (single stable), 5/2 (bistable)
Smart Seal Innovative turnaround seal for 3/2- and 5/2-ways function on single stable valves
Execution Pneumatic or electromagnetic valvese
Mounting NAMUR for direct mounting on actuators or IN-LINE for sub-base mounting
Air connections G 1/4"
Flow capacity CV 0.31 - 0.78 - 1.40 - 2.79.   Standard = CV1.4
Emergency operation Manual PUSH-button for hand or screwdriver operation (arrestable)
Wide range of pneumatic and solenoid valves

JAG offers a wide range of pneumatic and solenoid valves NAMUR or IN-LINE type. NAMUR valves are for direct mounting to actuators having NAMUR pattern according VDI/VDE3845-NAMUR. IN-LINE valves are for mounting seperate from the actuator, e.g. on sub-bases or in pneumatic cabinets.

The solenoid valves are available in ATEX execution or for normal application in non-explosional areas, both in single stable execution (1 coil and spring return) or bistable (2 coils).


Coil ATEX and non-explosional types


JNM - Spule Standard Ex m - Ex d - Ex nA - Ex ia




NAMUR oder IN-LINE Magnet- und Pneumatikventile

Just rotate the innovative Smart Seal so to change from 3/2 to 5/2-ways function (single stable valves only)

The JAG Valve has a combined 3/2- and 5/2-ways function in one valve only. Just rotate the Smart Seal easily by 180° to change the function of the valve (3/2 for spring return or 5/2 for double-acting actuators)

Smart Seal 3/2- und 5/2-Wege Funktion in einem Ventil


Function diagram

JAG magnetventil mit 3/2- und 5/2-Wege Kombifunktion

Namur solenoid valves single stable (1 coil, spring return) or bistable (2 coils)


Masszeichnung JNMF532 JNMI - Masszeichnung 5/2 Wege Impulsventil

Ex d Magnetventil JNMF532-mEx d - JNMI 5/2 bistabiles Magnetventil

Ex ia - JNMF 5/2 und 3/2 monostabiles Magnetventil Ex ia - JNMI 5/2 bistabiles Magnetventil

Ex m - JNMF 5/2 und 3/2 monostabiles Magnetventil Ex m - JNMI 5/2 bistabiles Magnetventil

Ex nA - JNMF 5/2 und 3/2 monostabiles Magnetventil Ex nA - JNMI 5/2 bistabiles Magnetventil

Materials of standard execution IP65 according to DIN EN 60529

The enclosure for the solenoid valves JNMF and JNMI is IP65 according to DIN EN 60529. They are supplied with a LED connector of transparent plastic material as a standard.


JNMF532 Werkstoffe IP65


JNMF532 Standard IP65 Explosionszeichnung - Werkstoffe

Material in special execution IP67 according to DIN EN 60529

Our solenoid valves in special execution have an enclosure of IP67 according to DIN EN 60529 . The items are JNMFE and JNMIE and are supplied as a standard with several stainless steel components and better tightening system between coil and body as well as coil and nut. Also the connector is sealed at the fixing screw and having a moulded gasket between coil and connector. Pilot and screws are of stainless steel material.


Werkstoffe IP67 Magnetventile JNMFE-JNMIE


Explosionszeichnung JNMFE IP67 Magnetventile JAG

Low Watt execution

In a further execution we offer our solenoid valve as a Low-Watt valve. The power is 2 Watt for DC coils. The itrem numbers are JNMF-2W and JNMI-2W.

New in our sales program for 2015 will be a coil for 0,9W !


Peripherieübersicht PRO30DA