Mounting brackets EN15081-ISO5211 F03-F04-F05-F07-F10-F12-F14-F16-F25-F30
Adaptors Double D, square, octagon, round with key and slot
Reducers Octagon-Square, Square-Square, 6-9-11-14-17-19-22-27-36mm
Throttle silencers Brass or stainless steel, 1/8" to 1"
Throttling plates NAMUR Between actuator and solenoid valve or piping plate for quick couplings
Silencers Brass or stainless steel, 1/8" to 1"
Positioners Pneumatic or electro-pneumatic positioniers
Switchboxes Mechanic, inductive, magnetic, pneumatic limit switches
Pilot valves NAMUR / IN-LINE Pneumatic or electromagnetic pilot valves for mounting on actuators or subbases
Quick couplings for tubes For different tube diameters, 1/8" to 1"
We supply solutions for the automation of your valves

Here you can find a complete range of products around the actuator, which could help you to aotomize your valves:

  • Mounting bracket as a connection between your valve and the actuator
  • Adaptors and reducers for mechanical trasmission of force from actuator to valve
  • Pneumatic and solenoid valves for steering of actuators
  • Silencers, throttles and throttling plates for reduction of noice and operation speed of actuator
  • Wide range of switchboxes as position signal devices for actuators
  • Pneumatic and electropneumatic positioners for continues regulation and respective feedback of actuator´s position
  • All kind of quick couplings for tubes


Antriebszubehör vom Spezialisten - Alles was Sie rund um den Schwenkantrieb und Armatur benötigen aus einer Hand

Mounting brackets

We deliver mounting brackets according to DIN EN 15081 respectively ISO 5211 / DIN 3337:

  • Article JMBNE in stainless steel 1.4308 (AISI304) or
  • Article JMBNS in zinc-coated steel
  • ISO F03-F04-F05-F07-F10-F12-F14-F16-F25-F30
  • Special brackets according to your drawings


 Montagebrücken-Konsolen-Laterne EN 15081 - ISO5211 - DIN3337

Finished or semi-finished adaptors or couplings

We produce for you adaptors and couplings as following:

  • Semi-finished adaptors or couplings (finished towards actuator - to be finished by yourself towards valve)
  • Completely finished adaptors or couplings (towards actuator and valve - standard sizes or according your drawings
  • Double D, square, octagon, round with key and slot, specials

Adapterrohlinge und fertig bearbeitet Adapter für Schwenkantriebe


Our reducers according to DIN79 are available in following executions:

  • 8-4 External octagon to internal square
  • 4-4 External square to internal square
  • Material steel or stainless steel
  • Dimensions 6-9-11-14-17-19-22-27-36mm
  • Special sizes

Reduzierhülsen und Reduzierungen

Throttle silencers and throttling plate

We offer a complete range of throttle silencers in different executions and dimensions:

  • Material brass, stainless steel, plastic
  • Dimensions from 1/8" to 1"

Furthermore we offer throttling plates according to NAMUR for mounting between actuator and solenoid valve or piping plate for quick tube couplings. The thrttling plates permits a smooth regulation of AIR IN and OUT of actuators and can reduce the rotating speed of actuators. This could help for example to avoid a water hammer in the tube system.

Drosselplatten zur Regulierung von Zu- und Abluft von Schwenkantrieben

Silencers for noise reduction

We deliver silencers in different materials and dimensions:

  • Material brass, stainless steel, plastic
  • Dimensions 1/8" to 1"


Schalldämpfer aus Sintermetall Messing und Edelstahl


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